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Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe

This is a handy little recipe for all those of you who are chocoholics. Sometimes, buttercream can be too buttery or too sweet. Not so with chocolate ganache (pronounced guh-nah-shh). It is absolutely sublime and, of course, gives you a perfect base on a cake. You can cover an entire cake with chocolate ganache, such as that below and it stays firm - perfect for transporting over potholed roads - a cake maker's nemesis! 

Here is the recipe we use at our workshop. If you try it, do let us know how it went for you! Just remember that different brands of chocolate work differently, so it is very much a case of trying until you find just the right consistency that you like. Try adding a bit more cream for a softer consistency or reduce the amount of cream if ... continue reading

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

This is THE Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe that we use in all our classes. Swiss Meringue Buttercream, if you have not had it before, is soft and silky. American style buttercream can sometimes be a bit grainy, depending on the icing sugar (confectioners sugar) used. It also develops a slight crust when it is exposed to air. Swiss Meringue Buttercream, on the other hand, does not develop a crust and remains the consistency of soft butter. It must be said that it is not everyone's cup of tea! It is very buttery and soft. So before making large quantities of it, do try a bit and see if you like it. The recent Royal Wedding Cake made for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding was enveloped in this buttercream. So, without further ado, let's get into this ... continue reading

Hot Off Press Caking Class - A Review By Claire Hall

Claire Hall of @sprinklesinthewild recently booked classes at Fair Cake. Her review of Tara Gan's Big Blooms class can be found here. Here is Claire's review of our Hot Off The Press Caking Class, taught by the fabulous Laura Grix of Grix Cake Design. 


As a self taught baker I'm always looking out for exciting courses to improve my techniques and learn new skills. I've followed Fair Cake on Instagram for a while now and when the dates for the courses I was interested in coincided with dates I could get to London, I booked 2 courses!

My first 3 days were on 'Hot Off The Press Caking' with Laura Grix. I mainly make buttercream cakes, so I was looking forward to refining my skills and learning the right way of doing things, as opposed to ... continue reading

Big Blooms by Tara Gan, A Review by Claire Hall

Claire Hall chose Fair Cake recently for two very different cake classes. One of these was Big Blooms taught by Tara Gan of Tara Gan Sugar Flowers fame. These are Claire’s words and pictures about her learning experience at our workshop. This is a two day sugar flowers workshop that runs from 10am to 5pm and is packed full of sugar flower making wisdom that only a multiple award winning sugarcraft artist, such as Tara, can dispense!


The sugar flower course I chose was 'Big Blooms' with Tara Gan. I have tried my hand at flower making before but without the proper instructions they were far from amazing. We were making the Southern Magnolia, Open Peony and Delicate Rose over 2 days. I was most excited about learning the peony but by the end, my favourite flower to make ... continue reading

Let them eat (beautiful) cake - Alice Marshall

We are always thrilled to receive good feedback from our students, but this was something special - not only did Alice Marshall, who came to our Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class take beautiful pictures of her work while she attended Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class, she also document her days at Fair Cake in some detail. Over to her!

Let them eat (beautiful) cake 

I have loved making cakes for friends and family for a few years and, recently, I’ve started to dabble in wedding cakes. Dabbling has graduated to full-blown obsession and I now have a little waiting list of friends who’d like me to make their wedding cakes. Super exciting although more than a little nerve-wracking! With this in mind, I felt it was time to take my game up a notch and find myself a course ... continue reading

Realistic Roses and Lilies Class - Students' work

We always try to bring new and exciting classes here at Fair Cake - this one ended up being the most requested and talked about class. The super talented Graziella Augier is one of our sugar flowers experts. She designed this class especially to be taught at Fair Cake. Her own work is just superb, but we thought we would display just some of the realistic sugar roses and lilies made by her students over two days. All the pictures below were taken with a simple iPhone camera in a rather dark classroom (class ends around 5pm each day, we lose natural light!) - and, as you can see, the results were absolutely stunning! The details - the veins, slight gloss, the perfect imperfections - everything!

For more pictures from this and all of our other classes, follow us on Instagram, here. 

Fancy learning ... continue reading

Leonor Capristano of Leonors Sweet Creations

Every now and then you meet someone who leaves a beautiful mark in your life. Leonor is one such person. When she first came to Fair Cake, back in 2011, we were all struck by just how wonderful a person she is. Bubby and chirpy and extremely curious and inquisitive - she sprinkled humour and good vibes wherever she went! Fast forward five years and Leonors is a thriving cake business! 

Situated in Heidelberg, Germany, Leonors not only specialises in making and selling exquisite cakes, but is also a cake academy. Here you can learn how to make and decorate cupcakes, macarons, coookies and cakes. Of course, we are always interested in finding out and featuring our past students, so this was an opportunity not be missed! We found out what Leonor had to say about her experience at Fair Cake ... continue reading

Russian Nozzles - the craze!

Russian Nozzles, also called Nifty Nozzles, are all rage on social media. If you do not follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you will not have seen these videos and pictures. By the way, time for a little boast, we are about to reach 100,000 followers on Instagram and 100,000 followers on Facebook, soon! 'Tis just a number, but a little celebration will be in order!

Anyway, here are some cakes that we have recently been decorating with Russian Nozzles. We use Swiss Meringue Buttercream, these nozzles seem to be the most effective with this kind of buttercream because of its silky nature. There is definitely a knack to these, not as easy as it looks (check out our videos on Instagram and Facebook for the process)!

So, what do you think? I must say that we were ... continue reading

The Rainbow Cake Weekend

Ah, the rainbow cake. Pictures of this cake are all over Pinterest and Instagram and Google. And why not? This turned out to be a seriously gorgeous cake to make. Is it worth making this cake just so you can see the finished result? Absolutely. Is it worth 7 hours of work? Maybe not. But, then again, it was just SO satisfying to make. For all bakers out there, with a bit of time and patience, this will prove to be a fun weekend project. Weekend? Did you say, the whole weekend? Yes. By the time you have weighed out ingredients, somehow managed to get your hands on six cake tins (disclaimer: Fair Cake is a cake school, we have tins, I am talking about non-cake-school-people who most probably do not have six cake tins hanging about), tinted all the ... continue reading

Design Sucré, Graziella Augier

This blog post has been a long time coming. I can offer excuses about being busy, yada yada, but slapped wrists and all that. 

This article is all about Graziella and let me jump straight into it. Let me get it out of the way first - Graziella used to be a proper rock artist. That's right. Not many rock artists have been to our workshop and this one blew us away - heavy metal and all!

I first met Graziella when she came to a couple of Fair Cake Classes earlier in 2016. When you meet someone who is absolutely passionate about cake making, you can tell them from a mile away. In Graziella's case, you can tell from a kilometer away. She came to Fair Cake all the way from France to get started on her cake making ... continue reading

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