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Welcome to our newest blog post - this category is all about our students. We get students from all over the country and, indeed, the world! All our students have one thing in common, their love for cake and cake decorating. Most of our students go on to start a cake business. 

Today's student feature is Ebru Cemal, of Sugar and Ice cakes. Ebru charmed us all with her winning personality as soon as she entered our workshop. Since attending her cake class at Fair Cake, Ebru has been busy making wedding and birthday cakes - and not on a small scale either! This is one huge cake!

As you can see, Ebru does not believe in small cakes! We can tell, we really can, just how long those ruffle roses on the bottom tier would have taken to make. Hours. Days, Weeks? Perhaps! We had a chat with Ebru about herself and her cakes and this is what we found out. 

Q. When did you first become interested in cake making?

A. I always loved baking but I never had the proper opportunity to make cakes until I was married and had my own kitchen. That was when I started experimenting with different recipes and found my love for cakes and decorating. I mainly taught myself through YouTube videos. Over the years, becoming a mother and staying at home opened up the opportunity to turn my hobby into a carreer. 

Q. How would you define your style?

A. I would never define myself as a girly girl so you would never think I would enjoy making pretty flowers and romantic cakes. But cake decorating completely opened up a side to me that I never knew I had! That girl who hated pink, and lived in trainers suddenly had a crazy urge to create pretty shabby chic and vintage designs with fluffy details and pretty lace. That was when I finally accepted that birthday cakes only challenged me to a certain extent, and I knew I wanted to do more.

Q. What is your favourite part of cake making? 

A. I love decorating and perfecting fine details on my cakes. And of course, the best part of it is to stand back and admire my finished work. 

Q. What does your family think of your new hobby/job?

A. My family have been extremely supportive; it was mostly thanks to their encouragement that I was able to get this far.

Q. How did it feel to make your first wedding cake? Care to share some details? 

A. My first wedding cake took months of planning and all I could think of was that I was diving in too deep. It was brave of me, but even braver of the bride and groom to allow me the opportunity to do it (they had faith and I am shocked that they did!) When I accepted their proposal, I had no idea how to cover a cake in ganache, nor how to get smooth cakes and sharp edges. I decided to find a course that would teach me all I needed so that I could build my confidence, because watching videos of cake crashes weren't helping me much at all! The cake I made was huge and the decorating took me far longer than I imagined but I just kept going until the last minute. Transporting it wasn't a fear of mine, but setting up the five tiers was the scariest bit for me. I kept thinking it would sink or topple over and had countless nightmares about it! However, once all tiers were sitting on top of each other, all the fear left me and I wondered why on earth I had stressed so much!

Q. Which class did you attend at Fair Cake?

A. I attended the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes class in March 2015. 

Q. How did it help you?

A. Fair Cake taught me priceless skills which I will forever appreciate. Each day taught me something new and there was not a minute I spent in the workshop that went to waste. Shikhita was supportive and her words of wisdom were critical for the future of my business. Sadly, the fear in me did not subside at all during the making of my first wedding cake, and I do wish she had a one day course on 'how to calm your nerves!'

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I know the future is bright for me and I doubt I will ever fall out of love with what I do! To me, making a newly wed couple happy with the sweetest part of their day is what gives me the desire to keep on going! 

Q. What are your contact details, if someone wishes to order their wedding cake from you?

A. Here they are: 

Tel: 07540723018


Instagram: sugar_and_ice_cakes

Facebook: SugarAnd Ice

Q. Where can customers contact you from?

A. I will deliver wedding cakes anywhere within the London area, but please do get in touch from outside London and I shall do my best to arrange this.

Q. Finally, what is your favourite cake flavour? Do you still eat cake?

A. Red Velvet beats them all for me! And yes, I do have a guilty pleasure, and that is to eat cake scraps for breakfast! 


We wish Ebru all the very best with her new cake business!






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