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This blog post has been a long time coming. I can offer excuses about being busy, yada yada, but slapped wrists and all that. 

This article is all about Graziella and let me jump straight into it. Let me get it out of the way first - Graziella used to be a proper rock artist. That's right. Not many rock artists have been to our workshop and this one blew us away - heavy metal and all!

I first met Graziella when she came to a couple of Fair Cake Classes earlier in 2016. When you meet someone who is absolutely passionate about cake making, you can tell them from a mile away. In Graziella's case, you can tell from a kilometer away. She came to Fair Cake all the way from France to get started on her cake making journey. This is Graziella winning a major sugar flower competition in France.

And why not? When you can produce flowers such as these:

How realisitic is this rose?! Here is a short interview with Graziella -

How did you find your experience at Fair Cake?

My experience at Fair Cake was absolutely great ! I learnt so many things within a few days only! Everything is done to make you feel good and comfortable. Shikhita is very patient and know how to teach and share her passion with you.

How many classes did you take here?

I took 3 classes :- Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes, How to sell your cakes, Buttercream Flowers Cupcakes

Which class was your favourite?

I’ve absolutely loved all 3!!! In Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes, Shikhita taught me how to make PROFESSIONAL looking wedding cakes with eye-catching decoration. Before I came to Fair Cake, I thought my edges were sharp… I can tell you now they were not… Or maybe were they…sharp-ish!!!

Learning how to pipe buttercream flowers is something I absolutely wanted to learn, to add new skills to my palette.That said, How to Sell Your Cakes definitely gave me the keys to start my cake business and succeed. The things to do… and the ones not to do!!!  As well as a great knowledge of how to use social media and the impact it can have on your business. How to set up your table before taking pictures of your creations, and even more, how to take good pictures of your cakes! Added to that, meeting Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth’s Cake Imporium was amazing!!!  I think I could have spent 5 more days in that class still learning a lot and never getting bored!!!

Were you a bit surprised by how much information is crammed into each one of our classes?

I knew I was going to learn things, but not that much!!! From extraordinary tips and tricks to super smart advices…Everything Shikhita teaches you is useful, even the tiniest things! You always end up thinking, "Doh… Why did I not think about it before?"


What did you like best about your experience?

Everything!!! Not only you learn a LOT, but you also build new relationships and even more, new friendships! I felt so sad when leaving, I was totally torn apart! On a more personal view, these courses really improved and increased my self-confidence, which in fact was not that high when I arrived on the first day. I went from, "Is it really what you want to do? Are you really able to? Are you ready for that change in your life?" to "This is REALLY what I want to do, because this is just ME"

Any advice for budding cake enthusiasts?

Never think you can’t do it. Be confident, give it all you have because it’s totally worth it ! Just go for it !!!

Would you recommend Fair Cake?

Absolutely!!! Fair Cake just revealed the real Cake Designer inside of me! It revealed… ME! And guess what? I will definitely go back as soon as I can for some new amazing class!


While I can take a little bit of credit for igniting Graziella's passion in cake making and sugar flower making, the FULL credit definitely goes to her infectious enthusiasm for her craft. Grazeilla had many aha-moments in our classes and it was a pleasure to have her here in London. To follow Graziella's extraordinary work, follow her on social media:

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