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Every now and then you meet someone who leaves a beautiful mark in your life. Leonor is one such person. When she first came to Fair Cake, back in 2011, we were all struck by just how wonderful a person she is. Bubby and chirpy and extremely curious and inquisitive - she sprinkled humour and good vibes wherever she went! Fast forward five years and Leonors is a thriving cake business! 

Situated in Heidelberg, Germany, Leonors not only specialises in making and selling exquisite cakes, but is also a cake academy. Here you can learn how to make and decorate cupcakes, macarons, coookies and cakes. Of course, we are always interested in finding out and featuring our past students, so this was an opportunity not be missed! We found out what Leonor had to say about her experience at Fair Cake -

1. How did you find your experience at Fair Cake?

Remarkable, unforgettable, totally inspiring.

2. How many classes did you take here?

In all I came to three classes.

3. Which class was your favourite?

I've loved them all. I have learnt different techniques in each one of them, so all of them were very informative and important to pursue my dream of opening my own business.

4.Were you a bit surprised by how much information is crammed into each one of our classes?!

At first, I was totally fascinated and felt a bit overwhelmed. I was a total beginner. Surprised I was, when I've managed it all on my own, already during the class. It is also surprising how long I kept those techniques and informations alive in my memory. That can only happen when you have a remarkable teacher and spend a good time. You never forget great moments, great days, or great people. I had it all in your classes.

5. What did you like best about your experience?

The friendly and fun way of learning really professional stuff (techniques).

6. Would you recommend Fair Cake?

Definitely. If I was in the UK I would take many more courses myself. I am a big fan of you, your creations, and your school.

Here is some of Leonor's current work - it has been some years since she came here and her work now is entirely her own whimsical style.

Aren't these just darling?! You can clearly see Leonor's personality shining through! Here is what Leonor in her own words:

"I have lived all over the world until I got married and had two kids in Germany. In Germany I've discovered that the world of pretty decorated cakes hadn't arrived there yet! So I decided to look for Sugar art schools. It was when I've discovered Fair Cake and decided to go to London to learn with who I consider is doing the prettiest cupcakes and cakes and the best job as a cake school.

I got so hooked by it that I've never stopped decorating and learning cake designing ever since. I then took all necessary steps to able able to open my business and started baking and decorating gorgeous cakes for the public in March 2012.

In 2013, I've started to give workshops and was featured in several newspapers, magazines and blogs. I was also invited for a couple of TV shows. I have tried, baked, decorated and designed thousands of cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, cookies and personalised cakes. In 2014 I have enlarged our Workshops offer and started a Cake Academy. In 2015 I decide to design cakes for weddings only, so I could have more time for my cake academy and to strengthen my presence online, through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

In 2016 I have a started a YouTube channel in German, since most tutorials, books or online courses are in English and many Germans don't speak or understand any English. I am about to open an online shop and will also start inviting some cake decorators/designers to give courses at my Academy (from 2017 on)."

So there you are. Another very successful Fair Cake student. It is humbling and exciting and very satisfying, all at the same time, to see our students succeed far and wide. We wish Leonor and her Cake Academy all the very best for the future. Who knows, we might even collaborate in the future! 

Well done, Leonor, I expected nothing less from you!

Follow Leonor here:

Leonors Sweet Creations on YouTube (in German)

Leonors Sweet Creations om Instagram

Leonors Sweet Creations on Facebook


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