The Rainbow Cake Weekend

6th June, 2016

Ah, the rainbow cake. Pictures of this cake are all over Pinterest and Instagram and Google. And why not? This turned out to be a seriously gorgeous cake to make. Is it worth making this cake just so you can see the finished result? Absolutely. Is it worth 7 hours of work? Maybe not. But, then again, it was just SO satisfying to make. For all bakers out there, with a bit of time and patience, this will prove to be a fun weekend project. Weekend? Did you say, the whole weekend? Yes. By the time you have weighed out ingredients, somehow managed to get your hands on six cake tins (disclaimer: Fair Cake is a cake school, we have tins, I am talking about non-cake-school-people who most probably do not have six cake tins hanging about), tinted all the ... continue reading

Design Sucré, Graziella Augier

12th April, 2016

This blog post has been a long time coming. I can offer excuses about being busy, yada yada, but slapped wrists and all that. 

This article is all about Graziella and let me jump straight into it. Let me get it out of the way first - Graziella used to be a proper rock artist. That's right. Not many rock artists have been to our workshop and this one blew us away - heavy metal and all!

I first met Graziella when she came to a couple of Fair Cake Classes earlier in 2016. When you meet someone who is absolutely passionate about cake making, you can tell them from a mile away. In Graziella's case, you can tell from a kilometer away. She came to Fair Cake all the way from France to get started on her cake making ... continue reading

Persiscope broadcast on 24th February 2016 (Video)

24th February, 2016

This is a short video that we broadcast on Day 3 of Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class. The workshop was filled with colour (and joy!) as all the hard work over the previous starts to produce beautiful results. These flowers end up on cakes decorated by students.

Quick tip - sometimes, despite all precautions, petals break. Florist paste is brittle, it breaks easily once it's dry. One of our students suggested we scatter the petals on cakes and they turned out beautiful!

Tiered Wedding Cakes made by students (Video)

7th February, 2016

Tiered Wedding Cakes made buy students during our Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class. The focus of this class is on achieving sharp edges on cakes, a smooth and professional looking finish and sugar work. Didn't they do well?

Double Barrel cakes made by students (Video)

7th February, 2016

These are cakes made by students during our Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class - the bottom is real cake, three of them, stacked on top of each other with an internal support structure, covered with chocolate ganache and then with smooth fondant (sugarpaste). Students also learned to make all those pretty sugar flowers during this class. 

Student's Work from Class (Video)

7th February, 2016

These are all cakes decorated by our students during the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class that took place this January in our workshop. We had students travel all the way from France, Belgium, Texas, Kenya, Ireland and around the UK! It was very multicultural and just look at these results!

Persiscope Broadcase with Elizabeth Solaru (Video)

6th February, 2016

Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium and I run a worksop called How To Sell Your Cakes. We ran it this January and did a short Periscope broadcase on day 2. The class is all about cake businesses - and social media is just a short part of what we cover. Instead of trying to explain how Periscope works, we did a quick demo - and here it is! The people you can see in the class are students, from around the world. You can see our cake photography set up, that we go through in great detail. It is cheap, effective and, above all, all folds down. For more details of this class, look out for How to Sell Your Cakes. 

Turn a white rose peach (Video)

5th February, 2016

This is a super simple way of ensuring you are always armed with the right colour flowers. What if the bride only wants a subtle peach flower? Or if she wishes for mega peach? You know, mega? Worry not. Make a whole lot of white roses with florist paste. Let them dry completely. Then, arm yourself with petal dust and a brush. Patiently, paint it all over your rose. There. Perfection. Here is the finished result:

Decorating a Buttercream Flowers Cake (Video)

4th February, 2016

This cake was decorated during our Buttercream Flowers Cake class. The flowers are all hand piped, chilled and then placed on the cake. The leaves, as you can see, are piped between flowers for that all important finishing touch. Here is the final cake:

Didn't it turn out all lovely?!

How to pipe a Buttercream Rose (Video)

3rd February, 2016

This is how we use Swiss Meringue Buttercream to pipe buttercream roses. The roses are chilled before being placed on a cake or cupcake. We teach how to make this rose in three current classes:

Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass

Buttercream Flowers - Cake

Buttercream Flowers - Cupcakes

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