Social Media - January 2016

2nd February, 2016

If you are reading this, chances are that you have already seen our website. In this addicted-to-our-smartphone age, we try our best to keep up with social media. We have a fab Facebook page, you can find us on Instagram, follow us on Twitter and even join us on Periscope from time to time.

Let me start by saying that it is pretty much impossible to keep track of absolutely everything, but I also understand that it is important for us to continue creating cakey content to stay in our cake game. Cakey, you say? Yes, cakey is a word. All cakey people know it, use it and love it. If you have read thus far, you are one of us. 

Here is a summary of what Fair Cake posted on Instagram (and so on Facebook and almost always on ... continue reading

Cake Collab with Tara Gan

1st February, 2016

This is the first time we did a cake collab (let's stick to 'collab' instead of 'collaboration', let's just give in) with Tara Gan. Tara is a fabulous sugar artist whose work is just beautiful. Her work is so breathtaking that we simply had to get in touch about working together. 

So last week, she travelled all the way on London Underground with her delicate flowers in a large bag and was justifiably horrified when a lawyer decided on lean back and sit ON the bag. For those of you who know about those London Underground you-can-rest-your-bottom-on-these-but-not-really-sit seats, you know what I am talking about. Imagine our relief when we found that only a tiny petal was broken, all her other flowers made it! How did we know he was a lawyer, you ask? He had a legal ... continue reading

Double Height (Extended Tier Cakes) in the making (Video)

21st January, 2016

An extended tier or double barrel cake is a fantastic way to increase your cake canvas size. Once you have mastered the principles of an internal cake structure, to prevent it collapsing, you can let your imagination run wild - everything from castle turrets to light houses, you can create anything from cake. This short video demonstrates just one idea. We teach how to make a double barrel cake as part of our Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes Class.

Buttercream vs Chocolate Ganache

31st October, 2015

We use both buttercream and chocolate ganache in our classes and we always get the question: Which is better? Buttercream or chocolate ganache? 

In our Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass, students decide for themselves because they get to work with both.

Buttercream can be a simple mixture of whipped butter and icing sugar or made using a  slightly more complicated recipe with meringue. Both styles are super sweet and delectable and can be used to coat a sponge cake before covering the cake with fondant. When you cut the cake, you are left with a beautiful slice that has a layer of buttercream between fondant and cake - it's all a bit yum.

Chocolate ganache is also used to coat sponge cakes before covering with fondant, but it works quite differently to buttercream. Ganache is a bit more complicated to ... continue reading

Dream Cupcake Bakery Tour of America - Part 1

23rd October, 2015

This is a list I have been compiling in my head for a number of years. Accountants and lawyers probably do not wish to do accounts and read legal books once they leave their offices. But cake makers, we are a different kind of people. We tune in to Great British Bake Off, YouTube, the vastness of the internet and continue looking at cake pictures, watching cake videos and imagining cake details. Fact. Dear Reader, if you are such a person, do leave a comment, lets connect!

American cupcakes and cakes are hugely influential on the internet, there is no denying it. They are unapologetically sumptuous. Here is a list of the top ten American cupcakes that we drool over, this side of the pond. And, as soon as we land on the other side of the pond, we make ... continue reading

Buttercream Flowers - the new trend

6th October, 2015

Meringue based buttercream has been incredibly popular in Europe over the decades. In fact, if you talk to a European, chances are that this is the only form of buttercream they know of. It is an incredibly versatile buttercream which keeps its form and has a silky smooth mouthfeel. There are three kinds of buttercream - Italian, Swiss and French meringue. Of this, Swiss Meringue Buttercream is the easiest to make because you do not have to worry about hot syrups and such like. 

Now, shall we talk a bit about buttercream flowers? Sure, fondant or florist paste flowers are easy to make and store. But, lets face it, they are crunchy.  That's right, they are crunchy. Your cake is lovely and moist, your buttercream is sweet and pillowy. Your flowers are, err, crunchy. Enter, buttercream flowers. 

Not only are ... continue reading

Sugar and Ice Cakes, Ebru Cemal

24th September, 2015

Welcome to our newest blog post - this category is all about our students. We get students from all over the country and, indeed, the world! All our students have one thing in common, their love for cake and cake decorating. Most of our students go on to start a cake business. 

Today's student feature is Ebru Cemal, of Sugar and Ice cakes. Ebru charmed us all with her winning personality as soon as she entered our workshop. Since attending her cake class at Fair Cake, Ebru has been busy making wedding and birthday cakes - and not on a small scale either! This is one huge cake!

As you can see, Ebru does not believe in small cakes! We can tell, we really can, just how long those ruffle roses on the bottom tier would have taken to make. Hours ... continue reading

New Format Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass

11th August, 2015

One of our most popular cake classes is our Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass. This is a seven day intensive class and it includes a large number of cake decorating techniques that students find useful in creating their own masterpieces. Over the last few years, we have added more and more to this class (here is the old blog post about an earlier version of this class) and have improved it every time we ran it. This is perhaps the most intensive it has ever been!

The idea is to arm you with a staggering number of cake decorating techniques that you will find useful for a number of different purposes. You wil find your own interests in this class - often we find that students will assume that they will enjoy making flowers. But when they are in our workshop ... continue reading

Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing (Video)

14th July, 2015

We use Royal Icing to decorate cookies - royal icing is a mixture of egg whites and powdered sugar. It is a very versatile medium for cake artists. If you would like to learn how to work with royal icing, come to our Perfect Piping Class. This is a two day class where we teach everything you need to create your own royal icing masterpieces. Or, if you would like a shorter introduction, we cover royal icing piping in our Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass, Baking and Decorating and Complete Cupcake Masterclass

Perfect Piping Class - Designing Of (Video)

13th July, 2015

This is a brand new two day class that Naomi Lee has designed exclusively for Fair Cake. In this class, students will learn how to make their own royal icing, cover cakes with ganache and sugarpaste and decorate these cakes with royal icing piping. This classical technique is alway in demand!

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