Ganache and Fondant Wedding Cake Basics

12th to 13th April, 2017 (2 days)

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We have worked with the superbly talented and very affable, Laura Grix of the Grix Cake Design to design this two day intensive class for beginners. We will be focussing on a key cake trend in this class - over the top theatrical cakes with a distinct baroque feel. You will work with chocolate ganache and understand the principles of constructing a tiered wedding cake that has been masked with chocolate ganache for smooth and sharp edges. The wedding industry is currently awash with displays of this kind of cake, be it inspired by Fabergé or Indian summers, these cakes are here to stay!

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This wedding cake class is perfectly suited for beginners. If you have never covered a cake with fondant or are very new to the craft, you will be absolutely at ease here. At the end of two days, you will take home a three tiered cake, of which one tier will be real cake and two will be dummy cake. This is to ensure that the final cake does not become too heavy to be carried home! You will take home your own unique cake creation.

In this two day class, you will learn:

* How to split, level and fill a round sponge cake with chocolate ganache

* How to use chocolate ganache to correctly mask a cake, ready to be covered with fondant

* How to achieve super sharp edges on a cake using chocolate ganache

* How to cover a chocolate ganache covered cake with fondant and achieve sharp edges on fondant 

* How to stack a tiered cake using dowels

* How to decorate your cake with opulent gold colour and shiny edible glazes

* How to create the effect of edible gold sequins on your cake

* How to use dry food colours to bring out key elements of your cake

* Any question about cake making that you can throw at us!


You will go home with:

* One decorated three tiered wedding cake with one real tier 

* An understanding of cake making principles and there relevance in the practical world

* Skills to cover cakes with chocolate ganache and achieve sharp edges on cakes

* Skills to cover cakes with fondant and get sharp edges

* Simple but very effective cake decorating techniques

* Full understanding of stacking and dowelling cakes, in a food safe manner

* New skills in working with chocolate ganache, the trendiest ingredient to use in making modern wedding cakes

* Knowledge about the best brands of cake equipment and tools available in the market


All ingredients and equipment, including transport boxes, for the day are provided, you do not need to bring anything with you.  If in doubt about your suitability for this class, please call us on 0208 305 1756 to discuss before you book a place. 

Please note that pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Teachers for each day are subject to change.

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