Traditional Fruit Cake

15th to 16th July, 2017 (2 days)

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Bringing back tradition! Fruit cake covered with marzipan and royal icing (fondant/sugarpaste) is a very traditional form of wedding cakes. This is where it all started. Indeed, up to a few years ago, all the tiers of a wedding cake were fruit cake! Fruit cake is a dense cake with dried fruits and nuts in it. It is fed with alcohol to preserve it and lasts, if stored properly, for months! 

Fruit cake is an expensive cake - it is made of expensive ingredients and takes a long time to make. However, it is THE cake selected for most traditional weddings. Royal icing piping is the choice of most cake decorators when it comes to decorating a classic wedding cake - again, because it lasts a long time. 

This wedding cake class will take you through all the steps necessary to create a beautiful tiered work of art.

Although sharp edges are not normally associated with this kind of cake, it is easy to acheive a sharper finish nonetheless. Please ask your teacher about this. 

In this two day class, you will learn:

* How to prepare a real fruit cake before covering with marzipan

* How to cover a prepared fruit cake with marzipan (essential before you cover it with royal icing)

* How to cover a marzipan covered fruit cake with ready to roll royal icing (also called fondant/sugarpaste)

* How to use alcohol to cleanse a marzipan covered fruit cake 

* How to ensure a smooth decorating surface on your cake

* How to cover a cake dummy with chamfered edge (rounded edge) with fondant and get a smooth finish

* How to stack and dowel your cake

* How to decorate your cake with simple but very effective royal icing piping

* How to make 3D leaves with royal icing, piped directly on to the cake

* How to transfer a piping design from paper to cake,by hand, using simple templates

* How to finish the cake with ribbons and an iced board

-- Please note: A three tier fruit cake with a real tier is very heavy to carry home! You will be given a choice. If you wish to take home a three tiered cake (you will need a car/taxi), please let your teacher know in advance. Alternatively, you can work on a two tier version of this cake which is much easier to carry--

You will take home:

* One three or two tiered cake, depending on your transport options, with one real fruit cake tier

* Confidence in covering a real fruit cake with marzipan

* New skills in covering a marzipan-ed cake with ready to roll royal icing (fondant, also known as sugarpaste)

* New skills in simple but effective royal icing piping - including 3D leaves

* Any questions about wedding cake making that you can throw at us

* Knowledge about the best brands of cake equipment and tools available in the market

Please note that fruit cake is traditionally made with alcohol. Alcohol is also used in decorating this cake. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide cakes that are alcohol free. 

All ingredients and equipment, including transport boxes, for the day are provided, you do not need to bring anything with you.  If in doubt about your suitability for this class, please call us on 0208 305 1756 to discuss before you book a place. 


Please note that you will be encouraged to work at your own speed. Everyone in class is likely to have different skill levels. The teacher will ensure that you work at a pace suitable for you.

Please bring a note pad and pen to the class. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible during the class. Please do not use lunchtime or time after class for questions, you teacher will need a break!

If you would like, you can bring a large bag to carry your cakes home. We provide sturdy cardboard boxes, but you may find it easier to carry your cakes in a bag such as an Ikea bag. 

Please note that pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Teachers for each day are subject to change.

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