Double Barrel Cake (Tall Tier)

26th to 27th September, 2019 (2 days)

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Learn how to make extended tiers - these are the new trend in the UK wedding cake industry. The trend comes from Australia, where cake makers have been using chocolate ganache and it's firming qualities to create uniquely large cake canvases to show off pretty designs. These are show stopping cakes, and will feed a large group. You will learn how to level cakes and then stack them on top of each other so that they are a straight pillar like shape. Then you use copious amounts of chocolate ganache which firms up smoothly to allow you to wrap the cake with fondant. Will there be a seam, you ask?! Nope! We will teach you the tricks to get rid of any seams. And sharp edges? Of course!

Class runs from 10am - 5pm.


You will learn how to get a super sharp edge on your cakes, as in all our other classes and learn how to cover a double height cake in fondant. 

You will learn how to -

  • Level and stack real sponge cakes into an impressive extended tier, also called a double barrel cake
  • Create a robust internal structure to prevent your cake from collapsing
  • Cover your tall cake with smooth chocolate ganache
  • Cover your cake with perfectly smooth fondant
  • Use Royal Icing Piping to add detailed accents to a custom made topper
  • Work with gold dust to make a beautifully textured gold tier
  • Achieve perfectly sharp and square edges on your cake - a must for Australian style wedding cakes
  • Finally, learn how to give your cake the all important finishing touches

This cake is absolutely stunning - but also pretty heavy to carry home. Therefore we will be using a smaller dummy cake to finish the look. 

The class will be held at our purpose built cake workshop in Greenwich, London. 

You will go home with:

  • One two tier wedding cake (top tier will be dummy) 
  • An understanding of cake making principles and there relevance in the practical world
  • Skills to cover cakes with chocolate ganache and achieve sharp edges on cakes
  • Skills to cover cakes with fondant and get sharp edges
  • Simple but very effective cake decorating techniques
  • Full understanding of stacking and dowelling cakes, in a food safe manner
  • New skills in working with chocolate ganache, the trendiest ingredient to use in making modern wedding cakes
  • Knowledge about the best brands of cake equipment and tools available in the market

All ingredients and equipment, including transport boxes, for the day are provided, you do not need to bring anything with you.  If in doubt about your suitability for this class, please call us on 0208 305 1756 to discuss before you book a place. 

Please note that pictures are for illustrative purposes only. The final design on the class day will be led by your teacher. The focus of this class is to use chocolate ganache on a tall tier and then cover this tier with fondant using a wrap around technique. Teachers for each day are subject to change.

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