Modern Wedding Cakes 2020

23rd to 27th March, 2020 (5 days)

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A brand new wedding cake class that is set to teach you all the skills you need to make a show stopping contemporary wedding cake! Learn all the techniques that go into making modern wedding cakes at our gorgeous workshop.

This is the most often demanded cake class by our students - an intensive wedding cake course. During this cake class, you will work on one three tiered wedding cake and one show stopping extended tier wedding cake. You will work with both real cakes and dummies to create your masterpieces. Throughout the class, you will be supported in practicing key techniques and your teacher will be able to pin point exactly which skills you need to work more on. This is by far the best way of learning and avoiding developing bad habits in cake decorating which waste your time, effort and materials. 

Class runs from 10am - 5pm.

This class is suitable for intermediate level students. 

You will learn:

  • How to work with dummy cakes (learn why this is an essential skill) - cover dummies with fondant and practice those sharp edges
  • How to cover a hexagon cake with ganache and covering it with fondant (working on real cakes)
  • How to carve, fill and cover an extended tier round cake with chocolate ganache and fondant, perfect for modern weddings
  • How to achieve straight and smooth edges with fondant - this is the latest trend that is an essential skill for all cake decorators
  • How to effectively add gold lustre on fondant and use royal icing stencils onto your cake 
  • How to make a wreath of sugar flowers to inclucde roses, succulents, foliage and berries - we have selected these flowers that will help you to recreate not just these, but any flowers that you choose. 
  • How to use simple cut out flowers and simple decorating techniques to make a cake stand out.
  • Add the extra oomph to your cake with some stunning royal icing stenciling to your cake
  • How to stack, dowel and secure your wedding cakes for easy transport and delivery
  • How to cover a board with fondant - all important for the neat finish and professional touch
  • How to fix any common cake mistakes (after all, you might not have the time to bake and decorate an entirely new cake on a Friday night!)

You will go home with:

  • One three tiered cake and one extended tier cake
  • New skills and confidence in working with royal icing when used with stencils
  • New sugar flower making skills
  • Skills (and lots of practice) in covering cakes with sharp fondant edges
  • Confidence to recreate any of your designs at home
  • Answers to any cake questions that you can throw at us!


All ingredients and equipment for the day are provided. Please note that you will be encouraged to work at your own speed. Some experience of working with cakes is desirable. The teacher will ensure that you work at a pace suitable for you. 

If in doubt about your suitability for this class, please call us on 0208 305 1756 to discuss before you book a place. You do not need to bring anything with you for this class – we will provide all the ingredients and equipment. 

Please note that pictures are for illustrative purposes only. You will take home one three tiered cake and one extended tier hexagon cake. Teachers for each day are subject to change.

Booking Conditions

Please double check the date that you wish to make the booking as there will be no refunds for cancellations. In the unlikely event that we cancel a class, a full refund will be offered. Please do read our Terms and Conditions on this website (find link at the bottom of each web page) before booking a class. For further details, please email or call 0208 305 1756