Russian Nozzles – the craze!

Russian Nozzles, also called Nifty Nozzles, are all rage on social media. If you do not follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you will not have seen these videos and pictures. By the way, time for a little boast, we are about to reach 100,000 followers on Instagram and 100,000 followers on Facebook, soon! ‘Tis just a number, […]

The Rainbow Cake Weekend

Ah, the rainbow cake. Pictures of this cake are all over Pinterest and Instagram and Google. And why not? This turned out to be a seriously gorgeous cake to make. Is it worth making this cake just so you can see the finished result? Absolutely. Is it worth 7 hours of work? Maybe not. But, […]

Cake Collab with Tara Gan

This is the first time we did a cake collab (let’s stick to ‘collab’ instead of ‘collaboration’, let’s just give in) with Tara Gan. Tara is a fabulous sugar artist whose work is just beautiful. Her work is so breathtaking that we simply had to get in touch about working together. So last week, she […]

Buttercream vs Chocolate Ganache

We use both buttercream and chocolate ganache in our classes and we always get the question: Which is better? Buttercream or chocolate ganache? In our Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass, students decide for themselves because they get to work with both. Buttercream can be a simple mixture of whipped butter and icing sugar or made using a  slightly more complicated recipe […]

New Format Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass

One of our most popular cake classes is our Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass. This is a seven day intensive class and it includes a large number of cake decorating techniques that students find useful in creating their own masterpieces. Over the last few years, we have added more and more to this class (here is the old […]