When Sharon Wee came to visit

We have just finished hosting Sharon Wee’s amazing classes at the workshop and it was hard work! Well, I say hard work, but the results were well worth it. Sharon teaches exclusively at Fair Cake in the UK and we are constantly amazed by the cakes her students produce. We have hosted these classes before, here is a blog article about […]

Complete Cupcake Masterclass

Fair Cake started as a cupcake business. The first ever classes that I taught were cupcake classes. We are much bigger and different business now, but teaching cupcake making is an essential component of our cake school! Our Complete Cupcake Masterclass is a two day class dedicated to cupcakes. We used to run a number of different […]


Eggs are a fundamental component in most baked goods. Yes, there is a whole chapter/book to be written on egg-free baking, but we shall come to that later. For now, lets talk about eggs.   Egg whites are used to create a light texture and a tender crumb in a number of cake recipes. These […]