Fair Cake Brownies

Brownies are intensely personal sweet treats. I like them super gooey with a very moist crumb. I do not like very dense brownies, the kind that stick to your teeth and prevent you from smiling gleefully while eating a large chunk. I practically never make the same recipe twice, but keep adding/deleting chopped nuts, berries […]

Sugar flowers Masterclass

I first came across Naz’s work (we are on first, shortened, name basis) a few years ago when I was looking for a cupcake nozzle. She used to run a cute little cake and cake equipment shop in Greenwich Market. You might remember Daisy Cakes, if you ever visited Greenwich Market. Daisy Cakes was a gorgeous […]

Ghost Cake

Every now and then you make a cake that you find so achingly beautiful that you want to take a gazillion pictures of it. This was one such cake. I made it for a lovely bride a few years ago and still do think that this is the prettiest cake that I ever made. However, […]