Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe

This is a handy little recipe for all those of you who are chocoholics. Sometimes, buttercream can be too buttery or too sweet. Not so with chocolate ganache (pronounced guh-nah-shh). It is absolutely sublime and, of course, gives you a perfect base on a cake. You can cover an entire cake with chocolate ganache, such as that below and it stays firm – perfect for transporting over potholed roads – a cake maker’s nemesis!

Here is the recipe we use at our workshop. If you try it, do let us know how it went for you! Just remember that different brands of chocolate work differently, so it is very much a case of trying until you find just the right consistency that you like. Try adding a bit more cream for a softer consistency or reduce the amount of cream if you are making this on a hot day. Have fun with it!