Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

We spend a surprisingly large amount of our time looking at cake pictures. So much so, that as soon as we see a picture, we either say, “Oooh, nice!”, or “Hmm, not real cake!”, so on and so forth. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we are inundated with cake pictures. Before I go on, I am not complaining about the number of cake pictures I see, not at all, I am worried that I have become a tad too obsessed. Sometimes I feel that unless a cake is an iCake (you see what I did there? iCake. Ha ha. I am so funny.) it is nigh impossible not to find fault with it.

Anyway, I present the super ruffles cake that my mother recently decorated. Bear in mind that this is her FIRST ever cake. She particularly likes these ruffles, they are relatively simple to make and she enjoyed a few afternoons making these. But ALL I can see is that there is a teeny tiny gap, right at the bottom of the cake where you can see the “naked cake”.

Do you see what I see? Or has Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook ruined the cake appreciation abilities of my brain?!

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