Getting to know you… Mignon Daymond

When I first saw Mignon Daymond’s work on her Facebook page, I was blown away by just how neat it was. There are no streaks on her cakes, there are no oops moments! Add to this her personality that bubbles right out of websites and surrounds you with genuine warmth and a deep rooted (but not serious or freaky) passion for creating gorgeous cakes – she would make a perfect Fair Cake tutor, I just knew it. We like to select our tutors not only for their extraordinary skills, but also their ‘fit’ in our company. I cannot wait for Min (that’s right, I call her Min) to be here in June! Here is a short interview she did for us, hopefully you can see that her students are in for a treat!

When did you first become interested in cake making?

When I made my sone first birthday cake in 2003. I went to a cake decorating shop bought a book and purchased everything it said I needed for a particular cake and made the cake from the book. I was pretty much hooked from then on.

How would you describe your cake decorating style?

I would say elegant and romantic for my wedding cakes. What ever I do, I try to keep it elegant and pretty. You can never have too much pretty!

What are your favourite flavours in cake and buttercream?

Ohhh just one, that’s tough! This season it would be my sticky date cake with burnt fig and salted caramel butter cream.

Where do you get your colour inspirations from?

For weddings I use my clients wedding colour palette, so I stay within the same hues and tones of the wedding. For other cakes you can’t go past nature for your inspiration.

Where did you learn how to decorate cakes?

I did a very basic cake class when I first started. I learn to cover a fruit cake and make a 2D holly hobby. I have only done a few cake classes. Most of what I have learnt is thought giving things a go. I often said yes to doing a cake I had no idea how to do. I really enjoy working out how I’m going do do something. And I ask my cake friends. Try to be around people whose talent frightens you, it makes you want to stretch to be as good as them.

What do you find most enjoyable about teaching students?

That little “ahuh” moment. When a students gets a piece of information that makes their decorating easier or more fun or frees them up to try something they didn’t think they could do. I want my student to have fun. It’s cake it should be fun!