New Format Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass

One of our most popular cake classes is our Complete Cake Decorating Techniques Masterclass. This is a seven day intensive class and it includes a large number of cake decorating techniques that students find useful in creating their own masterpieces. Over the last few years, we have added more and more to this class (here is the old blog post about an earlier version of this class) and have improved it every time we run it. This is perhaps the most intensive it has ever been!

The idea is to arm you with a staggering number of cake decorating techniques that you will find useful for a number of different purposes. You wil find your own interests in this class – often we find that students will assume that they will enjoy making flowers. But when they are in our workshop and realise that sugar roses take a remarkable amount of time to make, not to mention intense concentration, that suddenly the idea of buying roses seems very attractive! Equally, some students realise that they enjoy making fondant models more than they ever thought possible!

Here are just some of the techniques that you will learn:

Tiered Cakes – you will work on two real cakes and learn how to level real cakes. Once you have done this, you will cover this in buttercream and create your very own real tiered cakes.

In the spirit of keeping the class as stress free as possible, we have made a few significant changes to the amount of work we expect students to do. We have also considered the weight of everything that students take back home every day. A three tier real cake becomes really rather heavy and London public transport is not very forgiving at the best of times. So you will learn all techniques shown on TWO TIER cakes, but you will learn all the skills to recreate three tiered versions at home. No more super heavy cakes to carry on the trains!

To give you plenty of practice, you will also work on a three tier dummy cake. This will go home as a display cake and will last for months. Display cakes are essential if you are looking to showcase your work. They are easy to put together, do not weigh a lot and are fantastic to practice on. 

We have been working on brand new cookie decorating techniques that are easy and effective and make for wonderful wedding favours. These work equally well as birthday party favours and can be made days in advance!

We have also been working on simple and effective ways to make wedding cakes look stunning – sometimes, you will find, it is the simple stuff that works best. Not every bride and groom wants roses (or is willing to pay for!) on a cake. We will teach you how to use your own skills effectively and how even beginners can create stunning pieces of art.

We also been working on our classic Fair Cake soft dome cupcakes to make the techniques even easier. This class is perfect for beginners, we want you to go home with great skills!

These cupcakes have been designed to be stunning to look at (imagine them in your favourite colours), but also easy to transport. These will last well in hot or cold weather and no bride will be disappointed!

For more intricate wedding favours, you will work with a variety of cutters and moulds to create your own masterpieces in our workshop. Consider this class the perfect time and place to let your creativity flow. And if you get stuck, we will be right there to gently point you in the right direction. We pride our selves on teaching the easiest of methods for the most dramatic of results. No point spending eight hours decorating a cookie when you can do it in eight minutes!

You will, of course, learn the latest trends of oversized flowers in this class. These are very much in demand and are simple to make. Although you cannot see these in this picture, you will also learn how to make more “traditional” wired flowers.

We try to fit in as many cake decorating skills as we possibly can between 10am and 5pm. ALL our students always comment on just how much they learn in a short amount of time. We have had pastry chefs attend our short intensive classes and been surprised by the sheer volume of learning! A lot of thought goes into organising and creating a class. We keep up with the market and regularly change class content.

The pictures above represent just a few aspects of what you will learn. On the Saturday of your class, you will attend a full day with the extraordinary Pamela McCaffrey. She will teach you how to make the perfect Present Wrapped Cake in her own unique style.

The final day of this class is dedicated to the beautiful art of fondant modelling.

Our teacher, Joanne Wood, has years of experience in making little tiny happy creations out of fondant. You will be surprised by just how enjoyable this novelty aspect of cake decorating is! The style of characters are decided by Jo for all classes. When Disney’s Frozen film was released, Jo conducted a Frozen themed class and students learned how to make Elsa and Olaf. Around Christmas, the figures will be straight out of a winter wonderland. Through it all, you will learn valuable fundamentals and you will go home with confidence to be able to recreate these or any other models on your own.

For more information about this class, and to book your place, please go to this webpage.