NEW Professional Wedding Cake Masterclass for 2015

This is a wedding cake class that I have been working on for the last few months. Indeed, if you have been to any of our recent classes, you will have seen a cake that was sitting quietly in the corner, waiting for its turn. After a hectic last few weeks, I am finally ready to reveal this intensive two day class. To book this class, go here.

Let’s start with why I designed this cake:

Well, first of all, even if I say so myself, it is darn pretty. Now, let’s turn to the real reason. In every single cake class that I run in my workshop, I ask students the same question, “Why did you choose to learn cake making at Fair Cake?” After all, there are plenty of other cake schools around, as are free videos on the internet teaching you cake making. And the answer always is this:

“I wanted to learn cake making by practice and by actually doing it when the teacher is around, so that I can get the answers I need, instantly. It is simply not the same as sitting your bed, watching a cake making video, when the next task that you have to do is take a shower and take the dog out for a walk. You forget the crucial little details and it might be six weeks before you decide on making a cake.

Ok, so I might have made up that bit about sitting in bed and taking the dog out, but the rest of it is true! Coming to a cake workshop is a commitment to your own hobby or business. You get to chill out for the day indulging in something you love, free from distractions and with all the tools that you need within easy access. And, we clean up after you. That is the biggest luxury of them all. You should see the relief on the faces of students as soon as we say that they can leave the mess to us!

I am getting distracted myself, here are the details on this silver cake:

You will learn how to make pretty rose buds, roses and leaves. You will learn how to bind these together using inexpensive materials. If your wish is to create an entire cake wrapped with roses and buds, this is where you get started. The rest I leave up to you and the amount of time and patience you have.

Here is a gold version of the same cake – see the difference?


Well, the only difference is that this time the stripes are black, and instead of silver leaf, we have used gold leaf. It is a very subtle difference and I will try to take more pictures in different settings to demonstrate the difference this creates in the overall look of the cake.

Here are the details from the Gold cake:

Same roses, same style, but a lot more dramatic.

Flowers not your thing? How about using a simple satin bow? It adds a very chic wow factor to a cake without the hassle of making flowers!

Oh, and here is a close up of the roses you will make, just in case sugar flowers are your thing:

Of course, you will learn how to work with chocolate ganache, real cake, dummy cake, flower paste, sugar paste (fondant), silver leaf and plenty of ribbon! You will get four tiers to practice getting those sharp edges on fondant, this is the key technique that will set your cakes apart and make them look super professional.

For full details of this class, go to the class description page, where you will also find dates and prices. See you soon!