Swirls Swirls Swirls

So, as soon as I decided to start a cupcake business, the first thing that I wanted to perfect was buttercream swirls. How hard can it be, eh? You take a piping bag, put some buttercream in, stick a nozzle on and away you go. Well, wrong. Instead of ta-daa, it was more a case of uh-oh.

Just to prove a case in point, and as much as this picture makes me cringe, here it is. My first cupcakes. Pretty disappointing. They tasted amazing (they were mango, vanilla and chocolate flavours, recipes to come soon), but look at them! Ugly, by today’s standards, that is certain!

So, after this not-so-pretty disaster, I went ahead and started practicing. Bear in mind that there were no cupcake classes that I could go to in 2007! In a pretty darn organised way, I would spend an entire afternoon practicing swirls. And then take a picture of them to remind me which nozzle did what. Somewhat like this:

And this:

Until I could produce something that looked like this!

Turns out that the key to a good swirl is a good nozzle, fresh buttercream and oodles of practising. I mean OODLES. Swirls in this picture are piped with what I call a Big Soft Swirl nozzle. I came up with the name to describe what it does, I makes me giggle to find a “Big Soft Swirl” listed on eBay! I am secretly very proud of having made a tiny little impact on the UK cake supplies industry. Tiny. Big Soft Swirl.

Today we teach a number of swirls and all the little cupcakey techniques that go into making professional looking cupcakes in our Complete Cupcake Masterclass as well as Techniques Masterclass. And, of course, we sell the best Big Soft Swirl nozzle in our online shop!