“I was in the Modern Wedding Cake baking and decorating class last week and I want to tell you that it was fantastic! It surpassed my expectations actually. Both Laura and Graziella are really talented women and both have very good teaching skills. As I never used fondant before, I was quite surprised I could managed to cover 2 dummies and a cake! of course not perfectly but now I ordered tools and equipment to keep up the practice. Also the assitants are very professional, helpful and with great people skills. The studio has a very positive vibe, peaceful, cozzy, bright. You can see and feel that you put your heart on it.”

Marianela Leitón, March 2017

“I attended Sugar Flowers, Tara Gan at Fair Cake this weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. Tara was a brilliant and fun teacher to work with. Met some great people from Toronto and Norway and London. A great way to spend a weekend. I look forward to attending more courses at Fair Cake in the future.”

Pat Walker, January 2017

“I am very selective with the sort of courses I attend and people I learn from. When I heard of “How to sell your cakes” ran by Shikhita and Elizabeth I knew it was a must for me to attend. Words can neither qualify nor quantify the guidance and useful advice we were given . I am so grateful and very excited about the future of my cake business. Thank you Shikhita & Elizabeth for your support and guidance and setting me on the right path!”

Tutan Opebiyi, December 2016

“I have attended a few classes at faircake with a variety of tutors. My favourite was the Business class with Elizabeth and Shikihita. I loved their down to earth style of teaching and felt very welcome.I have gained so much knowledge and personal tips and tricks .I found Shikhita and her team extremely helpful,encouraging and always willing to have a chat about all things cakey. I highly recommend Fair Cake, being there has totally inspired me to push forward with my dream of having a career with cake.”

Lilian Lindsay, November 2016

“I just spent 6 days doing the contemporary wedding cake class. From start to finish the class was well organised. The workshop was very modern and had a lovely welcoming atmosphere. I found shikita and her staff to be very knowledgeable and very generous with their intellectual experiences and knowledge. I learned a lot this week. Thank you especially to Graziella for her patience and easy manner. She is a very talented lady with a very generous spirit. In conclusion just let me say if you are still unsure…. take the class. You won’t be disappointed.”

Michelle McCauley, November 2016

“I took a 6 day Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake class at Fair Cake and i ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! From day 1 to Day 6 there was so much of learning about all the different decorating techniques. Plus the staff at this course, Shikita, Graziella and their assistant Agne were so helpful and friendly!! They made us feel welcomed and comfortable through out!!! I have to say both Shikita and Graziella are beautifully talented at what they do! They are brilliant teachers and the fact they made the learning environment so friendly and cheery by talking about their own personal experiences made it even better and inspiring! i would highly recommend Fair Cake to anyone! I feel much more confident in my decorating techniques in just 6 days! THANK YOU once again all of you lovely people! I wrote a blog about my experience of what I did and learned in the 6 days. Feel free to check it out on my blog ‘amarbakes’ -much love, Amar”

Amar Altaf, November 2016

“She is an amazing tutor and such a kind hearted person (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Crafty Jules, October 2016

“Fantastic course – thank you so much Tara – what a teacher! (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Nicola Thomas, October 2016

“A wonderful few days with an incredible and generous teacher. Thank you. Highly recommend! (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Cakes By Liane, October 2016

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing Class!!! The most worth it class I can ever spend my day with. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Shikita for being too generous with your knowledge and experiences. This class must be my best business investment yet. I will always look up to you, two, no matter where this journey takes me. (How to Sell Your Cakes)”

AC Saluda, October 2016

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing Class!!! The most worth it class I can ever spend my day with. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Shikhita for being too generous with your knowledge and experiences. This class must be my best business investment yet. I will always look up to you, two, no matter where this journey takes me.”

AC Saldua , October 2016

“Contemporary Tiered Wedding Classes…all in all a beautiful experience to give wings to anyone’s passion for decorating a beautiful cake. Each day brought in new skills taught efficiently by the teachers with great support from support team at fair cakes. Made all students of different nationalities feel loved and welcomed at a home of cakes…Ashmita Gupta.”

Asmita Gupta, August 2016

“I attended the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes 6 day course and loved it! I had limited experience with tiered cakes, and no fondant experience prior to starting but really feel I have developed skills that will keep me in good stead for starting my own wedding cake business. The workshop is brilliant, a perfect place to learn and Shikhita is a wonderful teacher. She has been only to happy to help, even after the course finished! It was intense and we covered loads of skills/topics, but the time just flew. I was disappointed when it was time to finish. 5 stars!!”

WestCricket, August 2016

“As i participated in the 6 days program of the weeding cakes, i wasn’t expecting, it would be as great experience as i found it to be, as it started with a great tutoring from an amazing professional teachers and so generous with the information’s that she shared with us, and not to end by a great atmosphere in a comfy clean and organised work shop which was the real icing on an magnificent experience , not to forget to mention the sub tutoring which it held the program to a great deal of support and individual assistance, hence it flourished by 3 awesome looking weeding cakes. As great as an impact London had on me but not as much as this course and the people behind it have.”

Rami Machal, May 2016

“Took the 2 days sugar flower workshop with my mother, we had a great time! Learned so much and ended up with beautiful sell-worthy results!! The area is adorable with good places to eat and walk around. The staff was excellent answered each question and offered a lot of tea and coffee!!?? Khulood M ”

אורי רוזנטל, August 2016

“I’ve recently attended the 6 day contemporary wedding cakes class and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Shikhita was absolutely amazing catering to everybody’s needs. I learned more in these 6 days then I have in my last 2 years of baking. Although it was a very big decision for me to do this course, I don’t regret it one bit. It was worth every single penny and more. Can’t wait to use all my new learned skills and create some amazing masterpieces. Thank you so much Shikhita and everybody else at faircake. I will surely be back. Lily x”

Lily Kraus, July 2016

“Hello! I came all the way from Saudi Arabia because I had high expectations from this course (I took the modern wedding cake workshop). Let me tell you, it was even way better than I expected! Everyone there was nice and helpful. The instructor was amazing! She was always excited to teach and answer any question we had, even if it was not related to our course. She spread positive energy all around the workshop, and I feel honoured that I was taught by such a talented person. It was a wonderful experience that I learned way more than I expected from. I just loved it from the bottom of my heart. So thank you Fair cake for everything, and I will for sure take another class whenever I come back to London again!”

Khulood M, July 2016

“My experience with fair cakes has always been a beautiful and fruitful one. I attended my first class with Shikita in 2013 and my cake life has never been the same. The last class I attended was the contemporary tiered wedding cake class in May. I spent 6 gloriously fulfilling days learning so much about wedding cakes. The class was well structured and we learnt loads of cake tricks and I also met loads of amazing people . I loved every bit of it .This is saying a big thank you to Shikita, Laura and of course the lovely Agnes. God bless you a great deal.I shall be back for more.”

omotoke oshilaja, June 2016

“I like the classes!!! The teacher was very didactic!! She has exellente ability and she is very friendly!”

Renata Rebelo, May 2016

“Had an amazing week at the the April complete cake decorating techniques masterclass in April. It’s an intense week but such a comprehensive course. The organisation and management of the course was excellent. Shikita and her guest tutors did a brilliant job in supporting the students, through the joys and frustrations of the week. If your looking to set up a baking business or want to make more serious cakes, then this is perfect. I couldn’t recommend Faircake or the course more.”

Nasima Ansary, May 2016

“I recently attended the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake class and I absolutely loved it! I learned a lot of tricks and tips you won’t find searching the web, so it was really useful. I also met lovely people and Shikita and her assistant Agnes were very helpful (had loads of tea too! ?)! ”

Dewi Chandiramani, May 2016

“I had two amazing days in fair cake. Such a lovely place in a beautiful area of London. I learn too many details to get a perfect finished weeding cake. Thanks so much to your huge patiencie and for have such a great assistant. 🙂 ”

xioka urbano, May 2016

“I loved the buttercream flowers class! Shikita is a great teacher with a lot of patience and humour. I felt I learned a lot and had fun. These classes are good value for money too – highly recommended!”

Kate Emmett, May 2016

“I attended the excellent one day buttercream flowers course, learned a great deal and came home with a cake decorated in stunning blooms. Shikhita is a superb tutor, who gives clear guidance and has a great deal of patience in explaining the process over and in giving additional tips and tricks. She is assisted by Agne, who makes sure everyone has all the equipment and ingredients they need to hand, making kilo after kilo of buttercream as the day goes on! I’d really recommend this course for all abilities – it’s good value, a fabulous location and at the end of the day you go home with your own flowery masterpiece!”

Nicola Penny, May 2016

“Great workshop! Great team! Shikita thank you for all your tips and your professionalism, your humour and also to answer to all my questions!? Your are a very modest woman and this was really a pleasure to meet you! Your assistant Agné is such a lovely girl and always so helpful with you and us! Tell her that she has a lot of resources inside her and I wich her a lot of succes in her moving! Nardy”

Nardy vanderelst mizrahi, April 2016

“Great place, amazing classes and tasty cakes. Love Baking and Decorating 5 days class. Covers all the basics you need to know: baking vanilla, chocolate and orange sponge cakes, making few different kinds of butter cream, learn how to make basic sugar flowers, ganache, fondant…. I learned so much! Shikhita is an amazing teacher. She answered all of your questions and she made sure nobody struggled with anything we learned. You will bring home 3 very different and delicious cakes and 12 cupcakes!!! Highly recommend this class and looking forward to come back for the Buttercream flowers class. Thank you Shikhita and Agne x”

Jana Buriankova, April 2016

“I give Fair Cake all my thumbs up, I only have two thumbs though hhhh. The classroom is modern and fully equipped, very friendly atmosphere the teacher answers from the heart any question you throw at her. I will recommend Fair Cake to any one have an interest in learning to make and decorate cakes professionally”

Brahim Latreche, April 2016

“This week I went on a master class of making fondant flowers and flower fillers at Fair Cake in Greenwich. I have to say I have been on a few courses now and this class is by far the best and most enjoyable class I have been to. I came home on such a high and full of ideas and couldn’t wait to get started on my next cake just so I can add a rose to it. The class was amazing but that also had a lot to do with the tutor and her assistant. Amazing people who made us feel very at home and I met some wonderful people on the course also. Loved it.”

Emete Friddle, March 2016

“Loved the classes – the complete cupcake course and buttercream flower making course. Shikhita is a very talented teacher, instructor who makes you feel at ease and shares a lot of practical tips from her experiences. I came to class with zero experience, and now I can’t wait to create new designs. Highly recommended!!!”

Alex Ivanova, March 2016

“Brilliant classes! Fab location and very experienced teacher who has a wonderful assistant. Can’t wait to go back! ”

Habiba Alli, March 2016

“Just finished one week wedding cake class at fair cake with my best friend , really enjoyed the class ,learned a lot ! both teachers are fun and very professional ! ”

Sabira Tayier, March 2016

“I came from Brazil for a cupcake class and found a pleasant place and nice company here. Great class with a lot of useful information. Definitely recommend!”

Nodnol Jameson, February 2016

“Had a great day making buttercream flowers on a buttercream cake! Great fun, talented teacher with a relaxed and attentive style! Thank you!”

Claire Fitzsimons , February 2016

“Hello Girls! I attended to the Cupcake Foundation Level Class last Feb 5th and I loved it! The school is cozy, the equipment perfect and the explanations easy to follow. It was very nice to watch my cupcakes coming to life! I thought I would be the only foreign there but it seems people from all over the world attend to the classes. I definitely recommend! 10 starts!”

Isabel Luqueze Galvão , February 2016

“”…such an awesome day…completely absorbing and exhausting, but oh so worth it. I will be back for more…” – Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass ”

Christina Bussell, March 2015

“So lovely people, so much professionality and experience, in a very warm and cosy atmosphere…Already attended a few classes, looking very much forward to the next week classes! …And already thinking about future classes I would love to attend! I highly recommend it, is a place were you would love to come back…because is more than just a school! xxx”

Maria Georgeta, February 2015

“Have spent 2 days on another amazing course at Fair Cake. Have learnt so much and will be booking more.”

Jacqueline Jones, February 2015

“This was an awesome class and the cakes looked orgasmic. I had a really nice day…. Love love loved it!!! X”

Teresa Tudge, December 2014

“A massive thank you for such an amazing week at the Dessert Table Masterclass! It’s been an incredible week and I’ve loved every second of it! I’m utterly exhausted but totally replete and will be dreaming of cakes this evening whilst I sleep! Thank you to all the team and tutors and of course the amazing Pamela for being an inspiration. xx”

Heather Mbarek, September 2014

“Just completed the wedding cake course, met some fantastic people, tutors friendly, helpful and have so much patience, sad to leave after 5 days of fun, thank you so much xx”

Suzanne Ford, September 2014

“Dear Shikhita, Natalie and Jessica. Hope you and your family are well. Just want to say my huge thanks for the wonderful lessons. The atmosphere you provide was amazing with profession and yet with sence of humor. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Although it took me 2.50 hours to travel, but it was worth it. I didn’t want to miss any single of minutes of the lession, because every single minute you provided with crucial info and tips. I’m self-taught person from books and youtubes, but professional lessons made me more confident. It was honour to have lesson with with Pamela McCaffrey – Made With Love, such a wonderful and beautiful lady inside out. Once again thank you so much.”

Masterclass Student, September 2014

“Thank you so much! I had a brilliant weekend with you, the coffee making was amazing!!! Thanks again! ”

JellyCake UK, September 2014

“Thanks ladies for the fun filled 5 days. Feel exhausted but I looking at the cakes we worked on I fell like I’ve learned so much.”

Gordana, September 2014

“I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous weekend spent with Faye at Fair Cake. I had a thoroughly wonderful time and am completely in love with my cake! All at Fair Cake were just brilliant, nothing was too much trouble and along with such a fabulous tutor, it made a for an excellent experience. I hope to be back again soon!”

Trudy of JellyCake, September 2014

“Done cupcake course, wedding cake and sugar flowers! Loved it!!! Learned so much! Would love to come back. ;)”

Isadora Cruciol, July 2014

“I went on ‘The Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass’ and was blown away by all the teachers, the knowledge, the amount I had achieved in just six days and the relaxed friendly atmosphere. I would recommend Fair Cake to any avid baker, whether your a beginner or a professional wishing to brush up your skills. Thank you Fair Cake!”

Tegan Murdoch, July 2014

“Just completed a course with Mignon from Cake Face at the amazing Fair Cake studio! Jess & Nat are amazing! Warm, funny, brilliant, helpful, insightful and so much more. I have come away with some new skills and techniques and a host of lovely cakey friends. It was an incredibly full on course which was packed into two days so kept us all on our toes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Highly recommended! I can’t wait to go to the Dessert Table class in September.”

Heather, June 2014

“Just completed the Professional wedding cake masterclass and thought it was a fantastic course with a fantastic teacher! learnt so many new techniques and got some great tips, Thank you!”

Cat Squire, May 2014


Megawati Alwi, May 2014

“I took the 2 day cupcake master class.I had little experience. By the end of the first day I had created some beautiful cakes. Thank you Jess and Nat for making my time so enjoyable. I highly recommend this course.”

Sarah Boughton, March 2014

“Thanks for a fabulous class yesterday. I thought that you did a great job teaching the class and I learnt loads of tips. You have a great sense of humour and the patience of a saint plus I really appreciated you passing on the information about suppliers for the various components of the bouquet.”

Jen Kelosn, March 2014

“Took the 5 day master class this week and it was fantastic, learnt so much and the teachers were all brilliant, very relaxed atmosphere and great fun, Jess and Nat make a great team, made the first two days such a fun intro, very easy going and very knowledgable, Pam was amazing, fun, incredible talent and Jo was so each going, great teacher, made modelling quite enjoyable 😉 thanks to all!!!!”

Stella Steel, February 2014

“I just wanted to say a, belated, thank you for such a lovely day last Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Pamela making the parcel cake, she is definitely my new cake guru (what a fantastic lady). You made us all feel very welcome and I am looking forward to yet another trip sometime in the not so distant future.”

Linda, October 2013

“I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you for everything during the masterclass week. It was such a fantastic 5-days and I’m so glad I decided to go for that course. Jess, Nat, you were both so helpful and supportive, and of course so very patient, catering to everyone’s abilities and making everything seem so easy! I really feel like I learnt a lot during that short time, and produced some things that I never thought I would be able to achieve. The feedback I’ve had from friends and family is so encouraging for me to take this forward seriously. The guest tutors were also fantastic, Naz especially, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the advice she gave, and tirelessly answering my (many!) questions. You would never know that she has never taught previously, she was so enthusiastic and encouraging. Pamela also is an inspiration, such a glamorous lady with a fine eye for style. All in all, a brilliant experience, and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for the next course to book myself on! Shikhita,it was lovely to meet you albeit briefly – you should be hugely proud of your Faircake girls and the company you have built up. I couldn’t recommend you guys enough! :)”

Sophie Gibson, August 2013

“I enjoyed the class so much. Shikhita is a wonderful teacher and i’ll definitely be back for more. Had loads of fun and met really amazing cake people too.”

Lola Oshilaja, July 2013

“Anyone who wants to do this course should!! I had the best day I learnt so much! I traveled over 350 miles to go and would do it again tomorrow! X”

Gayle Burdon, July 2013

“Thank you so much for this weekend Shikhita! I made it back to Bedford with my cake in one piece, hooray! Although the tube was a bit of a nightmare. You are a brill teacher and I am confident that I can now replicate and use the skills I’ve learnt this weekend to create some truly beautiful flowers :0) Thanks so much :0)”

Emma Boland, July 2013

“Best teacher ever!! Had the best time, learnt loads of new skills and feel inspired to create the most amazing wedding cake for my friends event in September. Thanks again Shikhita and Em.”

Launa Cairns, July 2013

“Thank you sooo much Shikhita! I had the best time on this course..actually sad it’s over! So pleased with my cake!”

Cat Arnold, July 2013

“LOVED this weekend, had a fab time with lovely ladies, learned loads and Shikhita is a great teacher with a fab sense of humour, will definately be coming back.”

Lisa Reeves, July 2013

“Thank-you for being such a great teacher and for a lovely weekend! It was such fun, can’t wait to try out all my new skills Just sad I have to go back to work tomorrow instead of coming into Fair Cake again! ”

Samantha Thomason, July 2013

“I really enjoyed my Milk Jug class. It was just a lovely class, Sharon was brilliant and I learnt a lot. Your studio was ideal to host the class. It is very airy and has a great location. ”

Elaine, June 2013

“I think Fair Cake is good for anybody, basic to advanced people. This is my first time to take a sugarcraft class and i really enjoyed it. Thank you so much! :)”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“Fab! As always!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“Really enjoyed the lass and Shikhita has a wonderful manner that puts one at ease!””

Masterclass student, May 2013

“All staff are super friendly. I loved having your advice and tips to take home as well as the yummy cakes and cookies! Thanks, it’s been fab!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“Jess, Charlotte & Nat were extremely helpful and nothing was too much to ask. Pam and Joe were just as amazing!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“I have had the best week, so enjoyable and challenging. Loved Pam, she was great – and inspiring! – But everyone was great. Thanks very much””

Masterclass student, May 2013

“Amazing course! Such inspirational women and a lovely working environment. Didn’t want it to end. Love being back at school! (it’s tastier!)”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“It has been amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed everything. the teachers were fantastic, such lovely people. Thank you- i’ll be back!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“This class was better than expected… I have been to a class at a different (and more expensive) venue and thought this was better – pitched very directly with confidence and no stress! ”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“Loved, loved, loved the masterclass – wish i could do it all over again!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“You Provide an excellent learning & leisure experience. Thank You!”

Masterclass student, May 2013

“It’s been an amazing experience working at your workshop and learning such amazing tips and helpful advice. It has really made a big difference in my life. Today I am going home with the confidence that I can also be a cake decorator. Thank you to Charlotte and Natalie for their wonderful support and helpful advice. I will never be able to forget the beautiful people I have met at the course.”

Zoha Bokhari, May 2013

“Just writing to say thank you for all the wonderful classes I have been able to attend so far. I think I first came to Fair Cake last April for the Tricks of the Trade class. Before I attended I was not sure whether going down the cake route would be good for me. However, your class inspired me and pointed me in the right direction. Since then I have been to a few more of your classes and enjoyed every single one and learnt some amazing skills.”

Anjuna Lad, March 2013

“I cannot tell you how much I love your cupcake courses! I did the first one to learn how to pipe swirls and roses, and seeing how much more I learned there, and how much fun it was, after that I was hooked! I have now booked so many courses with you and I work in healthcare and love what I do, so it is not for a career! The ones that I have completed already were deeply satisfying and the results have far exceeded expectations. Everyone who sees them tells me to start a cupcake business and many cannot believe that a non-professional chef could create such masterpieces. I showed the cupcakes I made this week to my neighbour who said if he gets married he wants these for his wedding cake. How cool is that for someone just having fun? I am, of course, nothing without you and your courses. They are expertly managed, totally fun to do, very comprehensive in content, and the designs created after one of your courses are far superior to any I have seen in my constant work travels. In fact, since doing the first course with you, I have actively searched in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and every city I go to, I search for cupcake bakeries to compare mine to and none are as good as the ones you have taught us to do. I searched the UK to find courses in cupcakes and found many but none were able to compare with the beauty of your cupcakes so that is why I chose yours to begin with, however now that I have done courses with you I can also add that I am sure none could compare in terms of amount of educational content, engaging expert teachers, delicious and beautiful cupcake results, and sheer fun. This is why I, and many I meet on the courses, have done so many with you. Thank you. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Can’t wait for my next class!”

Dr Andree Mostofi, June 2012

“I had a wonderful time at the summer garden class last week and thanks so much for another fantastic class. I’ve leant something new each time I’ve been to your sessions and I just love them. I especially want to thank you, Jess and the others for being so patient and generous in sharing your skills and knowledge. I really appreciate that you allow us to work on our own designs and colour schemes and that we get to actually do everything. And the best bit is getting to take home such beautiful cakes (almost too good to eat) that we’ve decorated ourselves and which have a real wow factor. This is such a confidence booster.”

Jen, May 2012

“This was my first ever class and one of the best things I’ve ever spent my money on! Can’t recommend Shikhita and Jess highly enough. A fabulous way to spend two days!”

Daisy Coole, January 2012

“What a lovely day it has been .. I can’t thank you’ll enough. For a group of amateurs to produce what we did, you all are brilliant and I can’t recommend you’ll enough. It has been such a superbly productive and creatively satisfying day for me .. Sincere Thank You !!!”

Amrita VOra, January 2012

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Shakita and Jess for an amazing couple of days! I really enjoyed my first class with you last year but enjoyed this class even more! I am normally a very shy and quiet person and it takes a while for me to get involved but you’re all so welcoming I felt at home right away. Such down to earth, friendly and, very importantly, patient ladies, you can’t help but want to do more classes with you. I’ll definitely be booking another in the new year!”

Nicola Mitchell, December 2011

“Just wanted to say thank you for brilliant time I had at your class yesterday. I really enjoyed myself! It was nice to meet some new people and do what I love best – baking 🙂 My partner didn’t mind the cupcakes either ;)”

Stacey Fuller, October 2011

“I just want to thank you all for a really fun weekend at Fair Cake! I really, really enjoyed the class – and the company! Everyone was so nice, and you girls could not have been more helpful! So thank you all, and I am really looking forward to doing another class someday … so I had better get baking and earn a few pennies to pay for one!”

Joanna Haines, October 2011

“Since doing your Cupcake Business course last November I have started my own business and I am loving every minute of it! I would love to do another course with you later in the year, just can’t decide which one, I want to do them all! ”

Alesha Stander, Sweet Velvet Cakes, May 2011

“I came to one of Shikhita’s cupcake business days last October and since then have been furiously preparing my business and website which I launched this Monday”

Joanna Lee, Vanilla Jo, May 2011

“I have attended two of your wonderful classes and have set up a business as a result. You are a true inspiration for all cupcake and cake bakers, I love looking at your posts on Facebook and keeping up with all your news and ideas. ”

Teri, TCupcakes, May 2011

“I attended a class last year for the Summer Garden cupcakes. This totally inspired me, and I have now started my own business. While I am building it slowly, and still doing the day job, I am really enjoying it and so glad I attended your class last year. It really showed me what an amazing job this could be!”

Rosie Brooker, April Bakery, May 2011

“I did the Cupcake Business and Cupcake Basics classes back in May 2010. I flew in all the way from Frankfurt Germany and loved every minute of my classes. Now I have gone on to start my business. It still has a long way to go but I am successfully catering cupcakes in Frankfurt and love every minute I get to spend with fondant, flour, sugar and chocolate.”

Ewa Macinski, Das Cupcake, May 2011

“Thank you so much for the fabulous hen party on Saturday. We all had so much fun and found it to be so well organised. The tone was perfect, we learned a lot and came back with such fabulous cup cakes! Thank you from all of us. I haven’t yet taken the photos off my camera but if there are some good ones I’ll send them over.”

Naomi, April 2011

“I’d really like to thank you both for truly inspiring me last thursday! It was my first cake decorating experience ever and I was pretty nervous before handling the royal icing, but I now feel confident enough to try decorating cakes, at home on my own. I loved every second of the Vintage Chic cupcake class. I took 6 of my cupcakes to work the following day and everyone was in awe of them! Someone even asked me if I can make wedding cupcakes for him! I will let my girlfriends know about Fair Cake for my hen…but even if I don’t return for that, I’m sure I’ll be back for another class!”

Dr. Nisha Parihar, February 2011

“Hi girls, thanks for a out of this world chocolate cupcake cake course today. Was fab! See you next week xx”

Vicky George West, January 2011

“Thank you for the fantastic chocolate cupcake course today, had a wonderful time and learnt sooooo much!! Can’t wait to do another course soon. xx”

Sophie Gaston, January 2011

“Shikita and Jess, THANK YOU again for a wonderful three days of informative and fun-filled classes. I absolutely loved it and hopefully can come back again soon.”

Eshter, January 2011

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. The whole day was very informative and most of all fun! ”

Sandra Richards, October 2010

“I was drawn to your workshops because of the great vibe on your website and the testimonials of your students. I admire your candour and your generosity of spirit in sharing your knowledge and your ideas, hints and tips. ”

Grainne Mac Clancy, June 2010

“Thanks so much for the brilliant course today – I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I wasn’t working tomorrow so that I could make cakes and decorate them using some of my new skills! Was brilliant to learn so much in one day and have so many hints and tips to take on board to avoid mistakes.”

Emily, December 2009