Trina Thomson’s Ruby And The Ghost Class (Photo Gallery)

We hosted an amazing class last month. All our cake classes are amazing, but this one had just an extra touch of magic. The class was taught by Trina Thomson, who came all the way from Australia to teach at Fair Cake. Trina is an extraordinarily calm person, much (much) more chilled than any cake personality. Cakey people, as we like to call ourselves, live on a slightly stressed out level. We do things last minute, we take on more work than is humanly possible and we worry about ‘What If’. A lot!

Anyway, Trina is like a breath of fresh air, even when under pressure. As a result, her classes were pretty much the most chilled out classes that we have ever had. Each and every student was busy making their own versions of a spectacular Ruby cake.

This was a three day intensive class. Ruby, the girl figure, is made out of cake, chocolate ganache and a few secret bits and pieces that keep her together. Over three days, students used a power drill, carved cake, covered an unusual shaped cake with ganache and learnt everything there is to know about structural cakes and how to keep them standing; and, of course, the all important finishing touches. The skills included working extensively with cake, fondant, food colours, florist paste and using an air brush.

This was a truly exceptional structural cake class that we hosted in 2014  – Trina Thomson’s Ruby And The Ghost. Ruby is the little girl and The Ghost is her cat. Not all the students made a cat, everyone had their own version of Ruby ready by the end of three days of extraordinary cake decorating. Watch this space for this class in 2015! For now though, feast your eyes on some of the students creations.

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