Vegan Cakes with Marianne Stewart

For a long while, I’d been wanting to introduce a vegan cake class at Fair Cake. Cake, I believe, should be enjoyed by all… and as a cake maker I do get asked alot about whether or not I bake vegan cakes. The seed had been sown… I started my search for the best vegan cake maker I could find to teach this class. My search led me to a wonderful lady, Marianne Stewart. Marianne has published a book called ‘Nourish Cakes and I fell in love with her work.

Marianne’s attention to detail is second to none. Her easy going personality and in depth knowledge of all things cake and pastry make her an ideal teacher. Needless to say, Marianne’s class was a success and the cakes looked stunning. Have a look and judge for yourself. If you would like to learn more about vegan cakes or free from baking, do get in touch at